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The Greatest Travel Tip I Discovered That Costs Nothing

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

This small piece of paper has helped me time and time again. I always make sure to do this tip before I leave on any trip!

Before every international trip I take I always bring a few print outs of a few specific items. In a general word document I make a list of the main places I will need on my trip. For example my hotel.

At the top of the document I list my hotel name how I would read it in English, and then right below that I also translate it to the main language of the country. In Spanish, Italian etc. there probably isn’t an alternative translation, but there would be if you are translating it to a language that has characters like Chinese.

The next thing I do is list the address. Both how I would read it in English and an alternative translation if there is one.

Then I will find my hotel on google maps and take a screenshot of it so we can see where the hotel is located on a map.

Lastly, I will snag a few images off my hotels website or off google images and try to get street view of what the front of the hotel looks like.

When you arrive in a new place, you never know if your phone will work, if you can pull up the address on GPS, your travel booking account, or if you will have a driver that speaks the same language as you. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have pulled out this little word doc piece of paper after trying to describe where my hotel was. They see the paper and recognize something familiar. Maybe a landmark on the map, or the hotel from the picture, or the street name because its printed rather than you trying to speak it and unknowingly you're saying it all wrong.

I have found this so helpful, that most of the time I just give the driver the sheet immediately through the window to see if they know what hotel I need. Then they smile and nod and motion for you to get in.

In addition to your hotel, on other sheets you can do the same thing for restaurants, parks, monuments, the airport and so on. It's been the slickest thing for me on my travels. And it doesn't cost a thing.

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