• Michelle Mattke

The EASIEST Way To Get Around Cancun, Mexico

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of taking public transportation. I’d rather pay a little extra and have a private ride. But my time in Cancun made me really reevaluate my decisions on this piece.

Tye and I were swimming in the pool in our hotel when we made conversation with a Canadian gentleman who vacations at the same hotel every year through the winter. He said, “have you figured out the bus system yet?” Which we replied no to and said we had just been taking taxis.

Side note: Taxi’s are great in Mexico. No more than 5 bucks wherever you go. Even a 20 min ride to the airport only cost us 5 bucks. That would easily be 30 bucks in any major city in the US. The downfall is that sometimes you get a driver who doesn’t know English so you have to tell him to move along because you aren’t sure if he understands where you need to go. In which case you wave a another down 30 seconds later.

But what’s even better than a 5 dollar cab ride, is a .25 cent bus ride. What our Canadian friend described to us was that if we want to go down to main hotel strip where there are a bunch of shops, restaurants, clubs, and public beaches, we would want to ride the R2. The R2 continues on a large loop all day long. The great thing about the buses is that there is no real specific bus stop, and no bus schedule. There are multiple R2 buses running on the same route, and literally all you have to do is wave it down, no matter where you are. Just wave it down like a giant taxi. You pay the few pesos and find a seat. They are fairly clean with large windows, so as long as the bus is moving it stays pretty cool. When you want to get off, you stand by either the front or back door and press a button that signals to the driver a passenger wants to get off.

You just hop on wherever, hop off wherever. No schedule, no designated bus stop, and super cheap!

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