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Santorini Beaches! What to know.

Don’t be fooled by the mediterranean oasis of Santorini, the beaches on this island aren’t exactly what you would expect. If you are looking for fine, soft, wiggle your toes in the sand you should be looking towards an island like Mykonos instead. Santorini is a volcanic island. When erupted many years ago it sent many different type of minerals into the air and the water, producing many different colors in such a small area.

Perissa Beach aka Black Beach

This beach, as with most beaches of the island is made with pebbles rather than fine sand. This beach in addition to most others, is covered by black pebbles and spans quite a distance on the east coast of Santorini. This beach is known for its many restaurants, shopping, daybeds, water sports, and DJs. This beach definitely caters to a younger crowd looking for some action!

Mesa Pigadia

This beach is more secluded then the others making it a great place to relax, sleep or read. There is one quaint restaurant located here where you can grab a meal or a cold drink. They offer day beds for a price but there is plenty of space to find a spot with a towel. This beach was our favorite beach due to it not being crowded, and the tranquil ambiance you receive from the space.

White Beach

If you are looking for something even more private and secluded this is your spot. This beach doesn’t see a lot of visitors because you can only get to it by boat, there is no footpath as it is located at the bottom of a cliff. We choose not to go to this beach because of that reason. I did however snag a photo as we passed by on our catamaran! This beach is called White Beach not because of the sand, but because of the limestone on the cliff walls. It’s a stark white you won’t see anywhere else on the island.

Red Beach

Much like the White Beach, this beach is called the Red Beach because of the cliff walls surrounding the cove. The walls are a dark brown red. The red and black pebble beach is long and narrow and is much more crowded than the others just because of its popularity of color. Still a site to see though as most catamaran tour stop here for a swim. There is one small snack bar and a few lounging chairs to choose from. Be prepared to hike just a little. There is a small footpath from the parking lot to the beach, that is a little unstable.


Being on the East side of the island, blocked by some wind, the waters are a little calmer here. This stretch of beach caters to more of a family style outlet with many choices of restaurants, shopping and lounge areas. This is also the most touristy beach in that it caters to the vacationists. A relaxing beach with a wide variety of people. We visited this beach most often just because of the many options of things to do around this area.

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