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My Favorite Restaurants To Watch A Sunset In Rome:

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Don’t get me wrong. Every single piece of food that I ate, was a delicious little gift from God. I’m not hard to please when it comes to food, but Italy is just one of those places where no matter where you go, how cheap or expensive your meal, it will ALWAYS be good. But just in case you care to know, I have listed by favorite expensive meal, average price meal, and cheap meal. These each are about the food, but also the experience of each place and why they stood out.


Located on the highest hills of Rome sits Maribelle. This luxurious hotel has a 5 course dinner that will please even the fanciest of people. Tye and I chose this restaurant because we had been celebrating our 5 year anniversary that night; so we had an excuse to splurge. The ambiance of Maribelle is impeccable. The waiters are in full tuxedo, live violin and piano playing peacefully in the corner, and candles to warm the area. Mirabelle has wall to wall windows that completely open so you can walk out to the balcony which has a breathtaking view of Rome. The balcony faces the sunset which was delightful to watch the sun sink down as the dinner continued. The warm breeze coming through was amazing as we enjoyed our meal.

They start you with a salad, and then bread, and then an appetizer. All of which are delicious. Then you move to the main entree which you select from a menu. Tye had ordered the ravioli and I ordered the lobster. The ravioli pasta was melt in your mouth soft. Amazing texture, where you could really tell it was hand made fresh. My lobster was cooked to perfection and very juicy.

Lastly we were served with a huge dessert tray full of puddings, creme brulee, macarons etc. All very sweet and delicious of course. The only thing we passed on was wine. The cheapest bottle on the menu was 50 US dollars. A little out of our price range. But you didn’t need wine to feel like you were getting spoiled. The atmosphere, the wait staff, the meal, was all put together perfect that created a remarkable combination for a dinner that will never be forgotten.

Most Places By The Colosseum.

Most people take a day tour of the Colosseum and then head back to their hotels to relax after all the walking. If you can spare to kill a few hours before dinner, I highly recommend to wait to see the Colosseum at sunset and at night. We found this quaint little restaurant on the main street circling the Colosseum, and choose a small patio table outside to enjoy the view - which was the Colosseum of course. Pricing was a little higher than average because of the location, but completely worth the extra bucks menu, because let's face it, you don't get to sit and admire one of the wonders of the world while eating a plate of spaghetti every day.

To watch the sun disappear behind this monstrous monument was gorgeous. To sip on wine and see the sun poking through the crevices of the colosseum. Then as darkness begins to awaken, the colosseum is illuminated with spectacular lights. It's just really cool to see the colosseum in a literally different light. All while having delicious pasta and wine.

Spanish Steps.

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy a sunset in Rome is on the Spanish Steps. It’s free if you skip the wine, but come on - wine makes everything better.

Climb the stairs to the top to be just over the skyline of the city. There are multiple convenient stores around the area to purchase a cheap bottle of wine, and they will give you little plastic cups as well. It’s so nice to just stand at the top, people watch, enjoy conversation, and sip your wine in public as its legal. You get a great view of the sky changing colors, and the mood shift from hustle and bustle to the sweet sexy night of Rome. Truly one of my favorite things in all my adventures in Italy was watching the sunset on the Spanish Steps. All for a price of 3 euros :).

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