• Michelle Mattke

My 6 Favorites of Athens

Get the gyros. All the gyros

1) The Food Obvi

From gyros, to pizza, to salads filled with feta cheese. There was not a thing that I ate in Athens, let alone Greece that I didn't love. What to know about gyros is that a lamb gyro is a little difficult to come by. Most places sell chicken or pork but still are delicious! Additionally, most gyros come with fries in them. A nice addition if I must say, just a little different from what you typically find in America.

2) Parthenon, Acropolis

Athens is at the forefront of history as we all know. With Greek Gods, wars, love stories, literary accomplishments, there is something for every type of history buff to love. Nothing quite beats the Parthenon though. Standing tall on the top of Athens for all to see, once you are up there it provides the best 360 degree vantage point of the city. Breathtaking views of how the city evolved around this central point.

3) Monastiraki Flea Market

Close to the base of the Parthenon, the flea market is based around alleys and alleys of shops, restaurants and local flare. I really enjoyed strolling through these alleys looking at all of the souvenirs and items to buy. All the while eating gelato and enjoying conversation with Tye. Just a nice place to slow down the pace and pick up a few trinkets.

4) The Acropolis Museum

This newly constructed Museum is a fantastic place to really dive into the history of Athens and learn about all the different types of monuments and statues you will see around the city. Plan to spend at least an hour here. Each display item small or large has an information plaque on it to read, so it took us quite a while to go through and read all the information, but you gain a vast amount of knowledge doing so!

5) The Subway System

Okay, maybe not an amazing monument or anything, but the subway system was the slickest thing we used in Athens. Having a very user friendly transportation system also allowed Tye and I to stay a few miles away from all the hustle of bustle of Acropolis which saved us quite a bit of money in Airbnb expenses. At each station there are small kiosks, like an ATM machine where you can choose the British flag for English and then select how much you would like to use a pass. We opted for the 3 day unlimited rides. This allowed us to bounce all over the city! The maps and signage are laid out quite well and easy to follow along. We got to where we wanted to go on the first try and two, three day unlimited passed only cost nine euros! Incredibly better than all the cab rides you would take.

*Cough Cough: Please notice that I am #1 ;)

6) The Panathenaic Stadium

I’m a big sports fan and watching the Olympics is something that I live for every two years. Being able to stand were athletes have competed was so cool for me! What I loved most about the stadium was that they had a small museum where you could see posters and Olympic torches from every Olympics. It was really fun to walk through all the years and see the different styles. This whole area gave me the same feeling I had while visiting the Colosseum in Rome. To imagine thousands of people cheering for you. Just an athletes dream. If you have time, take the train to the Olympic Complex and see the modern stadiums used! We did this, but if you are pressed for time, I'd skip.

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